Blood Orange

Blood Orange has been working with Caliber since the beginning of our truck design process. Their premium American-made urethane has proven to us, and our riders, to be superior to the other skate bushing options available. The release of their Ultra-High Rebound bushings now gives Caliber Trucks an even more responsive feel than ever before. The UHR bushings currently come stock in all Caliber Trucks and are available in various durometers as aftermarket components to give you a highly customizable feel.

Blood Orange also offers a complete line of high-end aftermarket accessories ranging from slide gloves to grip tape and bearings. Check out their website and see for yourself why the world's top downhill skaters are choosing Blood Orange…

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Bright Orange - Ultra HR (89a)

Ultra-High Rebound (89a) » Bright Orange

Bright Green - Ultra HR (89a)

Ultra-High Rebound (89a) » Bright Green

Bright Red - Ultra HR (89a)

Ultra-High Rebound (89a) » Bright Red