Everything you need...

  • Axle Height: 58.75mm
    Keeping your ride low and stable while tall enough to allow for maximum lean
  • Distance from Bearing Surface to Bearing Surface: 184.45mm
    Ideal width for Downhill setups
  • Hanger & Baseplate: black anodized American-made 6061 T6
    high-strength aluminum (44-degree angle)
    Allows for maximum strength without concerns of brittleness
  • Axles: precise and removable E4130 heat-treated aircraft
    American alloy steel
    Straight and Strong to allow full traction and even wheel wear
  • Bushings: black (limited) 89a Blood Orange
    Ultra-High Rebound Barrel Bushings
    Provides extremely fast return to center and stability through turns
  • Pivot Cup: 95a durometer high-density "Riot Thane" formula
    Designed for race cars. Adapted to downhill skating.
    Eliminates all pivot slop and nearly impossible to wear out
  • Spacers: black anodized 6061 T6 aluminum
    10.287mm wide
    Ideal width to eliminate chatter between bearings
  • Speed Rings: gold anodized 6061 T6 aluminum
    1.5875mm wide
    Perfectly even surface area to sandwich bearings into place with no slop
  • Additional Included Blood Orange UHR Barrel Packs:
    80a, 83a, 86a, 92a
    To give you the custom feel you want and deserve

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