At Caliber Truck Co., skateboarding isn’t just a passion—it’s our way of life. Founded in 2010, our company is 100% owned and operated by dedicated skateboarders. We’re on a mission to create the absolute best skateboard trucks you can find.

When you choose Caliber trucks, you’re not just getting top-quality gear; you’re directly supporting active skaters. We have no wealthy investors, no has-been skaters, and no corporate interests—only genuine, committed skateboarders.

Our journey began with the iconic Caliber OG, a cast truck that set the standard for its time. Since then, we’ve continued to innovate and expand our product line. From the Caliber II to the Caliber Standard, Caliber III, and now the Precision Caliber III, we’ve kept evolving to meet the demands of today’s riders.

With such a diverse product range, there’s a Caliber truck for every type of skater, whether you’re cruising to the corner store or tearing up a World Cup race track. At Caliber, we’ve got you covered, no matter where your skateboarding adventures take you.