Behind the scenes: Making of the Caliber 125mm Precision Trucks

Crafting a new product is an intricate endeavor, especially for a brand with Caliber’s legacy. Thus, when embarking on the journey to create the 125mm Precision Caliber 3 trucks, we meticulously scrutinized every step of the process. This marked a significant shift in our approach, as it was the first time Caliber solely handled a new product launch in many years. We are thrilled to now have complete control over manufacturing and distribution, ensuring that your purchases directly support our riders and our dedicated team.

The inception of the 125mm Precision Calibers dates back several years. In 2022, none other than our very own Cole Trotta put the first prototypes to the test at WDSG in Argentina, securing an impressive 6th place finish. This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication and expertise that went into the development of these exceptional trucks.

Fast forward to 2023, we initiated the production process by employing industrial resin printers to rapidly test geometry and design. Once the final design was finalized, we embarked on the meticulous task of design for manufacture, transforming the designs into fully manufacturable components. Since these trucks are entirely CNC machined, this involved creating precise fixtures, programming intricate G-code for toolpaths, and addressing numerous intricate details.

The 125mm Precision Caliber 3 trucks embody our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and rider satisfaction. We are confident that these trucks will elevate your longboard experience to new heights.