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Warning/Release of Liability

Skateboarding is an inherently dangerous sport and safety equipment should be used at all times, especially a helmet. Low speed accidents can still cause serious injury and/or death. Don’t be too cool for safety equipment and risk your life. Even the pros use a helmet and pads. Always watch out for cars while riding on surface roads open to traffic and follow all pedestrian rules. Always skate within your abilities and use common sense while riding. Check your equipment to make sure everything is in proper working condition prior to skating. If you are involved in, or witness, any type of skateboarding accident, remain calm and call 911 for medical assistance if necessary. Never try to move someone who has a serious head or neck injury. Call 911 immediately for an ambulance. Remember, it is important to stay calm, cool, and collected in emergency situations.

Caliber accepts no liability should you injure yourself using any products sold under our brand names.

This document is subject to change at any time without notice.